The Art of Living Talk: The Language of Youth Identity in Fashion with MASH-UP Collective moderated by Lucinda Law

About The Art of Living
The talk focus the brief cultural history of youth identity in fashion in western and local history. Audience will learn when and how did popular youth identity come about since post-war era to achieve its dominant in current times. What contributed to the fascination with youth culture and why is it particular prevalent in fashion? Using examples from their unique streetwear collections, Mash-up Collective will explain and demonstrate how they in-cooperate these semiotics of fashion and youth appeal to communicate it through their collections. There will be a discussion on what are the semiotics of fashion in youth identity for streetstyle fashion and how these factors contribute to the creative process of the fashion collections. The speakers will also offer practical fashion tips to keep up with contemporary youth fashion. Moreover, library@orchard is surrounded by upcoming local fashion stores that focus on youth and street identity. Remember, you can also also browse through the extensive collections of fashion books for more inspirations.

The Art of Living is a 4-part series boasting a unique introspection into topics that embraces the zeitgeist. Each session is moderated by writer/educator/artist Lucinda Law, where she speaks to two invited guest speakers.

The Language of Youth Identity in Fashion (21 Nov 2015)
Intrepid Solo Woman Travellers (5 Dec 2015)
Bringing Nature Indoors (9 Jan 2016)
The Rise of Free Website Builders (27 Feb 2016).

About Lucinda Law

Lucinda Law is a writer/editor, educator and artist. Her creative spectrum of professional work and artistic practice originates from her versatility in bridging theoretical and practice-led expressions based on a range of contemporary cultural lifestyle issues and topics rooted in art, design, communication, travel, nature and creativity. Her dedication to her field of interests is evidenced by her BA in English Language and Literature and MA in Fine Arts. She has previously worked as a lifestyle and travel editor in Singapore and Hong Kong and has edited and written numerous books and feature stories about arts, design, travel and lifestyle. In her last full-time appointment as a senior lecturer in Lasalle College of the Arts, she oversaw the administrative framework and strategic direction for cultural and contextual studies for all the fashion programmes. Additionally, she led lectures and research for the programmes for which she had also presented and published academic papers. With a Certificate in Higher Education and more than 10 years of teaching experience, Lucinda has taught and lectured on a range of cultural and theoretical topics in arts and design. She is also a qualified supervisor for the thesis study and studio work. While working full time in Lasalle, she completed her Masters in Fine Arts. Her study investigated the relationship between image and text . Drawing influences from her interest in literature, she uses inspirations from visual poetry to journals in two-dimensional forms and interpret them into three-dimensional word scapes installations to create an immersive state of fictive discourse. Above all, she is passionately inspired by the time-based quality of nature and beauty. She is currently an adjunct lecturer at the Forum of Critical Inquiry under SIT/Glasgow School of Arts. She continues to engages in her art practice, and edit/write for WITHIN. Additionally, she moderates and jointly-curates a series of talks called the Art of Living with NLB held at library@orchard monthly.

About Shaf Amis'aabudin
As the co-founder of Singapore fashion label Mash-Up, Shaf is heavily involved in the production aspect of the label. He is the Head of Production and Managing Director. He oversees the details of the patterns, colours, textures and the choice of materials that communicate the visual language of their brand. Shaf graduated in 2009 from Lasalle College of the Arts specialising in Textiles for Fashion Design. Shaf is also heavily involved in education and teaches art and craft to youths and co-heads the Fashion Design CCA at the German European School of Singapore and Hollandse School.

About Nathanael Ng
Co-founder of Singapore fashion label Mash-Up, Nathanael is the Head Designer, who has a strong passion for underground sub-cultures stemming which can be seen in his designs for the label. He graduated in 2009 from Lasalle College of the Arts specialising in Fashion Design. Nathanael is also heavily involved in education and youth outreach, and co-heads the Fashion Design CCA at the German European School of Singapore and Hollandse School.

About Mash-Up
Mash-Up produces both Ready-to-Wear and Artisanal premium line which includes close handiwork in fashion featuring hand-embroidered and sequinnned techniques. Their understanding of Singapore youth subculture identity is further evidenced by the activites which they had organised, this includes a tri-monthly theme parties at Butter Factory, where music meets fashion. Mash-Up is inspired by urban culture in cities, culture of the world and underground youth cultures across the decades. They draw influences from stories and myths from history, ancient cultures and urban surroundings. Their music includes expressive artists, musicians and bloggers that mash-up genres and stories, artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Hering, Santogold, M.I.A, Maluca Mala, Girl Talk. Mash up celebrates the uniqueness in the appropriation and diversity in various culture productions coming together as one. Mash-Up also designs, creates and teaches DIY workshops and classes in the field of upcycling, DIY clothing, fashion embellishments and fashion design. Mash-Up is co-founded by Nathanael Ng, Shaf Amis’aabudin and Daniela Monasterios, who is currently away in London College of Fashion studying for her MA in Fashion Curation.

Website www.mashupcollective.com/
Facebook www.facebook.com/WHATAMASHUP
Instagram whatamashup

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Sat Nov 21, 2015
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM SGT
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The Art of Living Talk Series by NLB & Lucinda Law